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Bird Bath
Give something to your little flying friends as well as yourself with this gorgeous and decorative bird bath! The whole sculpture is antiqued bronze made with an aluminum bowl and cast iron pedestal and base. This luxurious bird bath is built to look as if it's been in the garden for generations but with the peace of mind that it will last for years to come. The bowl is stylized to look like a giant leaf, being supported by three graceful cranes as they primp and tidy their feathers, giving this sculpture a perfect, natural look that is sure to fit great in any garden or bring nature closer to...
Base Price: $167.99       Model: L-BB050PCO-1       Shipping To: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii
Classic Cast Aluminum Crane
Grace, elegance, beauty, and longevity. All of these have long been associated with the crane and all of these can be yours with the elegant pair of Classic Cast Aluminum Cranes. Grace exudes from these beautiful garden sculptures, the intricate scrollwork along the cranes folded wings perfectly mirror the elegance of their real-life, feathered counterparts. Made out of rust free aluminum, these cranes longevity won't be a concern as they decorate your outdoor living space. Assembled Dimensions: Crane 1: 16.53in L x 8.26in W x 43.3in H Crane 2: 16.53in L x 8.66in W x 34.65in H
Base Price: $198.66       Model: L-GF231SCA       Shipping To: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii
Garden Arbor Posts
Is your patio commonplace? Is your backyard boring? Spruce up your garden, patio, or backyard with these decorative arbor posts! This set of arbor posts is sure to bring life to any bland outdoor area. Impeccably fabricated with scrollwork panels the graceful curves and details will compliment many patio or front entryways and please even the most discerning of customers. Made of durable steel with a black finish these posts are guaranteed to last for years to come. Assembled dimensions: 19.7in L x 19.7in W x 89.8in H
Base Price: $456.99       Model: L-AB067PST       Shipping To: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii
L-PG029PST Lattice Top Pergola
WARNING:  THIS UNIT IS HEAVY! For safety, DO NOT assemble this item alone. Six to eight people are recommended for safe assembly.  Keep all children and pets away from assembly area. Children and pets should be supervised when they are in the assembly area of the Gazebo.  Do not assemble less than 6 ft / 1.8 m from any obstruction such as a fence, garage, house, overhanging branches, laundry line or electrical wires.  Some parts may contain sharp edges. Wear protective gloves.  When assembling and using this product, basic safety precautions should always be followed to red...
Base Price: $1899.99       Model: L-PG029PCO       Shipping To: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii
Mumsford Flower Cart
Do you have a green thumb and wish you had a space to better display all your colorful and carefully tended flora? Look no further than the Mumsford Flower Cart! Beautifully designed with elegant scrollwork along the roofline that doubles as an area to place hanging plants, as well as a convenient removable shelf to put potted plants and gardening tools. This enchanting flower cart can take all the bending and kneeling out of garden care by raising your gardening up to a more accessible level. It comes in a traditional white finish that will make the vivid colors of your plants really stand ou...
Base Price: $159.99       Model: L-PS158PST-5       Shipping To: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii
Victoria Arbor
Separate your garden or patio from all the rest with the addition of this graceful gateway. Complete with functional shelving you can accent the already well styled arbor with your own personal flair, whether it be plants or small sculptures. Built out of durable steel with a rust resistant finish this arbor will be able to bring style and grace to your patio or garden for years to come! Assembled dimensions: 70.87in L x 14.96in W x 91.73in H
Base Price: $424.99       Model: L-AB050PST-2       Shipping To: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii