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Model: L-GZ332PAL-C      
Shipping to: United States, Canada, Alaska / Hawaii
10 x 12 Summerville Hardtop Gazebo

1. Keep all children and pets away from assembly area. Children and pets should be supervised when they are in the
area of gazebo construction.
2. The area for assembly should not be less than 6 feet from any obstruction such as fence, garage, house, overhanging
branches, laundry line or electrical wires.
3. This unit is heavy. Do not assemble this item alone. Six people are recommended for safe assembly.
4. Some parts may contain sharp edges. Wear protective gloves if necessary during assembly.
5. When assembling and using this product, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of
personal injury and damage to equipment. Please read all instructions before assembly and use.
6. For outdoor use only. Install on level ground. Stakes are provided to secure the gazebo in grass ground. If you wish to
secure the gazebo to a wood deck or concrete surface, you will need to purchase fasteners appropriate for these
surfaces. These are readily available at your local hardware store or home center.
7. Check all bolts for tightness before and during usage.
8. Please check your state and local regulations prior to purchasing. Some jurisdictions may require permits for, or
otherwise regulate, installation and use.
9. While this gazebo is manufactured to withstand gale force winds utilizing only the supplied ground stakes, in areas
subject to frequent severe weather, securing the gazebo to a deck, concrete patio or footings should be considered.
10. Your gazebo has been engineered to accommodate winter snow loads incurred in most areas. Removal of
accumulated snow on the gazebo roof with a roof rake is recommended. In areas that are regularly subject to blizzard
conditions however, removal of the roof panel is suggested. The assembled roof structure can simply be left in tact until